Dresden, ville d\'architecture baroque, a été jadis une résidence princière et royal. En 1945, durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale, elle a été presqu\'entièrement détruite par les bombardements alliés.
2013-08-05, Saxe, Allemagne

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Envoyé par AJLoc4gu NNipkoVeGymQ le 2017-01-26
I actually deleted a section about the difference between &#itr0;2ou28ne” and “ritual” before I posted.Anyway, as far as liturgy goes, there is a difference between a “routine” and a “ritual.” For myself, at least, the difference is mainly in my attitude. I honestly don't know how to help others, other than by repeatedly stating the difference. With communion, for example, I think both emphasizing different nuances of the symbolism and giving space for reflection and conversation/prayer during the communion time helps.

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