Modern BI

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One of the biggest challenges is the ever- increasing number and variety of data sources, which require federation, cleansing, and processing for BI tool consumption. Historically, this has been achieved with the traditional methods of utilizing Data Warehouses, Data Lakes and Data Marts and then blending the data ?physically moving the data into the BI systems.

These approaches are brittle, very costly and tedious to maintain. Not to mention, often the data that is being analyzed is stale and of poor quality.

"Data and analytics leaders should augment or upgrade traditional BI platforms to modern platforms that improve business value and speed time to insight.” - 2017 Critical Capabilities for Business Intelligence and Analytics BI and Gartner Research

The need for more information at your fingertips is ever increasing. By making the data more agile and available faster, Enterprise Enabler? ensures modern Business Intelligence (BI) tools, such as Qlik, Tableau, Power BI, and Spotfire, as well as legacy BI tools can uncover actionable business insights by connecting all your data sources with one powerful platform.

See Enterprise Enabler in action with this real life business case.

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Enterprise Enabler has helped our customers to discover new insights and relationships within their data they had never recognized before, translating into millions of dollars of ROI. Why?

Join our Fortune 500 customers, and see for yourself with this Free Trial how Enterprise Enabler (EE) can quickly increase your ROI

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The problem with most BI vendors is that they rely on query-based analysis providing a partial view of their data.

With Enterprise Enabler? not only can embed pre-determined actions, but you can securely feed information in real time back to source systems and determine which actions you want to take based on your findings.

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Now, with real time reporting = real time insights. You have the ability to ask/answer new questions and make decisions that may be critical to your business instantly. You will no longer look at your rearview mirror after quarterly/yearly reports and wonder “what if I had this information earlier?” Because you will be able to identify these blind spots and get ahead of your competiors.

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Instead of having multiple sources and feeling overwhelmed where to start, EE will provide a single log on to your BI dashboard and becomes the facilitator of agile business decisions.

With Enterprise Enabler? you are able to connect to all your sources, federate them, apply business rules and present them as one single data source to your existing BI tool, all in real-time. This is done virtually via a logical data model, allowing the modern BI tool to access the data just like it would a physical database or data warehouse.